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Luggage Service
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OneCase started from the idea to make a not conventional service circular. In a study I did, together with Gilles Knaepen, we found out that people like to travel a lot and every trip needs to be more unique than the one before. But such 'once-in-a-lifetime' vacations asks for specific gear and tools. Our challenge was to found and how we could improve the lifecycle.

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In this project we tried to connect with people. In the first step we a survey helped us to devide the participants in travelgroups. We talked with respondents who like to hike but also connected with people who wants a fivestar treat. To analyze all the preperation we gave our users the task to go on vacation. We gave them multiple destinations and tried to analyze their behaviour in the preperation. 

By including the users as much as possible we got to know what they think is important and which handlings they experience as annoying. Due to this kind of research we could map a customer journey. This gave us detailled information on which steps in the travel process could be improved.

Hacking the system

After discovering the flaws in the process we tried to hack the normal way of travelling. By making modifications in each chapter of going on vacation we tried to make sure that the user experience was as good as possible.


By making mockups we got to know which user flow is the most understandable for each targetgroup.

mock up startscherm one case.jpg
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