I am a thinker. That's why I worked about the value of functionality and the influence of failure. As a designer I try to find functional solutions that facilitates the challenge. In this project the challenge was to crack a nut in such a way nobody doubts the outcome, but still fails.


All the parts of a project creates somekind of a story. In this case, the playful and honest design should ‘trick’ the user into buying the nutcracker. When the customer wants to crack a nut, doubt should enter the room. A field of tension between usability and functionality should raise.


The cross on the cedar wooden beam indicates the location where the hammer will hit the nut. However the  aiming of the hammer is unreliable. This in combination with the lack of fixation for the nut contributes to the field of tension as discussed before.


This design was all about honesty, showing everything and creating a safe bound with the customer. By choosing to show all the details all the materials are visible. This underlines the honest connotation of ‘Nut’.